Jeff Wat - General Manager

Before becoming the General Manager at BULA ON THE BEACH, Jeff was The Master Brewer at BULA KAFE. With the original recipes in hand and his scientific experiments, perfecting the brews was his mission. Jeff has many talents, from re-creating the recipes to what they are today, to managing a Kava Bar, a team of Kavatenders and Brewers, as well as being a Jack Of All Trades. He is the go-to guy for making improvements at all 3 Bula Kava Bar Locations, a Master Craftsman, a lead team member in the build-out of Bula Cocoa Beach Kava Bar. He’s an outdoorsman, passionate about alchemy, loves to garden, play softball, an avid gamer! He’s not only the GM to BULA ON THE BEACH, but now is back in “The Burg, ” managing BULA KAFE as well! We love Jeff!

Bill - Assistant Manager & Kavatender

When you walk into BULA KAFE and Bill is on duty he always greets you with a warm “Hello”. He’s friendly, laid-back and very sweet. He has an eclectic style of music that he plays when he’s tending bar, from musicals to punk music, there’s always good tunes playing. Also, Bill is able to communicate with hearing impaired customers! When not tending bar he’s working on his podcast show reviewing bad movies or his production business. Come see Bill at BULA KAFE!

Alexis - Kavatender/Event Coordinator

When Alexis is on duty she greets you with the sunniest smile and you can see she really loves engaging in conversation with her customers. As the event coordinator, she puts in hard work when she is planning an event, fundraisers and The 2nd Saturday Market for BULA KAFE! Alexis is passionate about animals, and has rescued numerous puppies/dogs and has had success in finding them homes within The Kava Community. Her music choices behind the bar are always fun! Come see Alexis at BULA KAFE!

Blake - Kavatender

Blake is a warm, genuine and a lovely human! Being a competitive cheerleader in high school with a winning cheer team be prepared to see him move and groove behind the bar to songs that make you want to dance too! He’s funny, loves to make you laugh and plays practical jokes on his friends and customers! He’s a lover of animals and almost always, when not on duty you’ll see him with his trusted canine “Meadow.” She’s a beautiful mix of husky and golden retriever! Come see Blake at BULA KAFE!


Monika - Kavatender

Bio and photo, coming soon!

Conner- Kavatender/Master Brewster

A broken heart, believe it or not, brought Conner to Bula On The Beach, and four days later was hired as a Brew Master. Conner was a shy introvert 3 years ago. You would never know that about him now, as he dances, and performs behind the bar to his favorite tunes. Conner has a passion for music and plays a variety of instruments, including the guitar, banjo, piano, and ukulele. He loves to write poetry and screenplays. He’s a philosopher and a ponderer, loves animals, anime and mind adventures. He loves to cook, he’s a romantic, and a hat aficionado. Come see this magical soul at Bula On The Beach.

Matt - Brew Master

Matt is very tall :). Matt is also a Brew Master and Barback at BULA KAFE! When he’s on duty you can catch him filling in behind the bar pouring Kava, Botanical Tea’s and making yummy coffee drinks! When he’s not brewing for the masses you can catch him playing Dungeons Dragons on the back patio. He’s also a talented artist and loves to paint and draw. Did I mention he is very tall? He’s 6’6″! Come see Matt at BULA KAFE!

Chris - Brew Master

Chris started with Bula Kafe as a customer in 2011. He loved the products and the community so much he is now a team member at BULA KAFE. When asking other Team Members about Chris he is described as a “Brew Master with Super Brewing Skills”. When asking customers to describe Chris’s personality they said, “he is beyond funny and they love his cynical humor and wit.” Come down and see Chris at BULA KAFE!