Since 2009

Bula Kafe is The Original Kava Bar and Coffee House in St. Petersburg, Florida. With its roots planted in North America’s first Kava Bar: NAKAVA.

BULA KAFE opened with years of experience, the original owner being from Vanuatu, “The Mother Land of Kava.” He brought years of experience to the Kava Bar industry here in North America and set a precedent for future Kava Bars.


Only the Best

BULA KAFE offers the finest of kava drinks, coffee, and quality ethnobotanical teas. Our kava comes from the islands of Vanuatu where it’s believed Kava first originated. BULA KAFE ensures that all kava from Vanuatu are of noble kava strains, meaning they are the preferred strains of kava for drinking in Vanuatu. These strains are used in most Kava Bars throughout Vanuatu for its high potency and effects.


“BULA” is a Fijian cheer meaning “to long life and good health,” said before having a shell of Kava in a group setting. Voted Best of the Bay 2017 & 2018! Try the BEST before you try the rest and BULA with us at Bula Kafe!


Meet the Bula Kafe

Dream Team

Come hang, play, chill or even work at Bula Kafe, just be sure to

Bula With Us

Hold your shell up high, wait for the que and belt out a big loud “BULA” before you slam that shell.