Since 2009

Bula Kafe is The Original Kava Bar and Coffee House in St. Petersburg, Florida. With its roots planted in North America’s first Kava Bar: NAKAVA.

BULA KAFE opened with years of experience, the original owner being from Vanuatu, “The Mother Land of Kava.” He brought years of experience to the Kava Bar industry here in North America and set a precedent for future Kava Bars.

BULA KAFE offers the finest of kava drinks, coffee, and quality ethnobotanical teas. Our kava comes from the islands of Vanuatu where it’s believed Kava first originated. BULA KAFE ensures that all kava from Vanuatu are of noble kava strains, meaning they are the preferred strains of kava for drinking in Vanuatu. These strains are used in most Kava Bars throughout Vanuatu for its high potency and effects.

Our coffee is from Kahwa coffee and is locally roasted in the Tampa Bay Area, using 100% Arabica coffee beans. Our ethnobotanical teas are sourced to ensure the highest quality.

BULA KAFE is owned and operated by Ross Kashtan.  Ross’s love for Kava began like most customers in the first few visits to his first Kava Bar: BULA KAFE.  His love for Kava and how it helped him in his personal journey grew so much that he purchased BULA KAFE in 2014.  HE (BULA NATION, Inc.) continues to grow and expand on the principals of his love for helping others with natural remedies to improve their lives!  Ross has immersed himself in the Kava Business so far to have traveled to Vanuatu to learn about the Kava Culture, processing and importation process.  

He has an undefinable passion for The Kava Bar business and continues to find new sources for products and improve quality while keeping the original family, community-centric atmosphere.  He now has expanded his search for more plant medicines and has traveled to Peru and Costa Rica to research, and bring back more sources that can help people heal in more natural ways.