Best Of The Bay Bula KafeWelcome to St. Pete's first Nakamal or Kava Bar, located in Beautiful Kenwood Historic District.  BULA KAFE is St. Petersburg’s Original Kava Bar and Coffee House; featuring the finest Kava from Vanuatu, Kahwa Coffee, and Ethnobotanical Teas.

BULA KAFE offers an alcohol-free environment, a way to wind down and socialize in a relaxing, community-oriented environment.  It's a great alternative to the typical bar scene.  Meet up with friends, have some quiet time, or bring your laptop.  Free Wi-Fi is also available!  Founded in 2009, BULA KAFE educates and spreads their love of Kava across the West Coast of Florida.

"BULA" is a Fijian cheer meaning "to long life and good health," said before drinking a shell of Kava in a group setting.  Voted Best of the Bay 2017!  Try the BEST before you try the rest and come BULA with us!





Kava is an ancient plant derived from the South Pacific Islands used for its relaxing effect for both social and ceremonial occasions.  It's a communal drink that has brought many tribes together for centuries and continues to bring people together right here in St. Pete!  Kava has enhanced the lives of thousands and has created a huge community in the St. Pete area.

Kava calms the central nervous system, relaxes muscles and promotes positive emotions through the limbic system.  It is FDA approved and comes from the root of the pepper plant (Piper Methysticum) Everyone drinks kava together at BULA KAFE and yells "BULA!"  Many people find that Kava soothes the temperament, promotes a sense of calm and added patience for hours after imbibing the drink. Kava drinking does not affect judgment or fine motor skills in the way that alcohol does.

On your first visit to BULA KAFE, you get a shell of Kava on the house!  Stop by to learn more from one of our kavatenders.  BULA KAFE also offers many other botanical drinks to try.  Come and try something new today.  For More About Kava click here.